Elementary OS Loki: changing keyboard layout with Super+Space

(Sorry for my russian english 😸)

Today i installed Elementary OS 0.4 Loki and was a bit stunned by fact, that i unable to set “Super+Space” (aka Win+Space) as next input source hotkey. Here’s several steps to make it work:

At first, install some required packages:

sudo apt install dconf-tools xdotool

Then, we should disable Slingshot opening by Super+Space

Find panel-main-menu and replace <Super>space with something different. I just removed Super+Space hotkey from there lefting only Alt+F2, so now it looks like:


Then, create new custom hotkey

xdotool key --clearmodifiers Alt+Shift && xdotool key --clearmodifiers ''

Where Alt+Shift is your current hotkey to change layout

And finally, we should set our new hotkey to Super+Space

Where N is the number of your custom hotkey (just check all or latest one)

And change binding to this:


Now you can change your keyboard layout by pressing Super+Space! 😻

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