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  • 🦊 Reactive Fox 🚀

    🦊 Reactive Fox 🚀

    ⚡️ Making Fast faster 👩‍💻 Lead Software Engineer using @angular & @dotnet 🌱 Google Developer Expert for Angular ✍ Tech Writer for @AngularInDepth 🦊 he/him

  • Виталиус


    Naming, branding, web, digital-marketing and apps. http://t.co/Rs0O99W9mO

  • Egor Vasyakin

    Egor Vasyakin

    Creator of @evas-php 🚀 Engaged in web development since September 2011. Senior full stack web developer (PHP + JS/Vuejs + html/css + UI/UX)

  • Anton Rosenberg

    Anton Rosenberg

  • Мя́гoнький Кõтик

    Мя́гoнький Кõтик

    Работаю, учусь, смотрю фильмы и аниме, читаю книги, ранобэ и мангу, слушаю музыку, разрабатываю проекты и пишу код, веду блог, постоянно хочу спать и есть.

  • Code & Acid

    Code & Acid

    ISP, Linux, Networking stack, C, Netfilter, DPI, Retrowave, Acid house, New beat.

  • The Practical Developer

    The Practical Developer

    Great coding resources and commentary. Sometimes wise, sometimes ridiculous, always helping you become a better developer.

  • moot


    Founder of 4chan and Canvas. Exploding knees.

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